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Dental Sealants — Not Just for Kids

Posted by Comeaux Content Team
on Dec 28, 2017 10:55:00 AM

Beautiful women portrait smiling - isolated over a white background.jpegKeeping your teeth healthy and looking their best requires diligent brushing, flossing and regular trips to the dentist. However, even those who take all these precautions can experience the occasional cavity. Luckily, dental sealants exist and may be an additional way you can protect your teeth from the wear and tear they encounter on a daily basis.
What Are Dental Sealants?
A sealant is a protective barrier that dentists apply directly to the surface of the tooth. This barrier can keep food particles out of the teeth and reduce how much tooth surface is exposed and susceptible to damage from bacteria. While sealants have been used for children for decades now, they can be an excellent choice for adults too. Talk to any dentist and he or she will agree: sealants are an excellent tool to protect teeth for people of all ages.

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Benefits of Dental Sealants
So, if your dentist hasn't already convinced you that dental sealants may be a good choice, check out these benefits:

  • Save Money — Cavities are expensive. Other treatments that may be necessary to care for your teeth are costly too. Save money by investing in sealants and you’ll be less likely to face these other expenses in the future.
  • Avoid Long Dental Trips — Getting a cavity filled can ruin your day. You may have to miss work, and you’ll feel “off” the rest of the day. Even more stressful is the pain and time needed to deal with a root canal or crown. Applying sealants is a quick process you can do today to keep you out of the dental chair later.
  • Protect Your Health — Tooth decay doesn’t just affect your teeth. It can lead to unhealthy gums and even make you feel “run down.” By taking one simple precaution, you are doing so much to protect your overall health.
  • It’s Easy — Dental sealants are applied quickly, and there is no discomfort during the process or afterward. It’s well worth the effort to have your dentist seal your teeth.

With all of these benefits, it’s hard to ignore such a simple way to protect your teeth. Just remember, dental sealants aren’t just for kids and they can be applied to people of all ages. Connect with your dentist and find out if sealants may be a good solution for you — to help you protect your teeth from all they encounter for years to come. We are also happy to provide a cosmetic dental consulatation upon request. 

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